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Landscape Pavers Bringing Your Property to Life

Your landscape design is the embodiment of your personality captured in stone, greenery, and water. Your choice of plants, water features, and hardscape design elements allows you to create unique environments inside the landscaping. Island Pavers landscape designers and installers work closely with Pinellas County property owners to bring their vision to life. Expert installers combine carefully selected plants and hardscape design elements to create one of a kind landscape environments.

Hardscape Elements and Landscape Pavers

Architects refer to anything not living in landscape design as a hardscape design element. Paving, decorative, and utilitarian stone elements and water features create the living and working spaces inside your landscape. More than beautiful, decorative stone walkways, walls, and terraces lead visitors through the environment so they can better appreciate its beauty. Guests following the paths may discover creative hardscape design like secluded resting places surrounded by lush greenery or a friendly gathering place beside a fountain or outdoor fire pit.

Island Pavers hardscape design technicians understand how to use color, patterns, and style to bring your vision to life. From Roman style mosaics to rough hewn stone benches and terraced walls, every element is carefully installed to create the environment you desire.

The Big Picture

Island Pavers takes the entire property into account when advising you on hardscape design and installation. Elements are suggested that compliment your property and long term needs. Careful consideration is given to drainage, water conservation, and sustainability. Whenever possible, native plants and Florida friendly varieties are utilized to help keep maintenance costs low.

Landscaping is an ongoing process for most Pinellas County property owners. Over time you will want to make changes or add to your design. IslandScapes and Pavers understands and is careful to include your ideas for future additions into their suggestions. You might want to install a basic design now and add hardscape design elements like a pond or barbecue patio at a later time. Every design give careful consideration to your immediate and long term goals so that you don’t end up having to do expensive alterations before adding something new.

Call Island Pavers for a free consultation today and begin making your unique landscape vision a reality. We’re Pinellas County’s experts for turning your imagination into unique landscape environments.