Landscape Walkways Landscape Walkways, Custom Pavers and Magical Paths

Landscape Walkways – More Than Just a Path


Think of your landscaping as a separate world, filled with features designed to delight and surprise visitors. Your design includes all the major landscape elements, carefully chosen to be the perfect fit for your Pinellas County Oasis. Decorative stonework, fountains, and waterfalls surrounded with lush Florida friendly plants and grasses immerse you in a green oasis. It’s almost perfect, but what about the one element that ties it all together? Landscape Walkways are often given little thought or neglected  when property owners begin a landscape design project.


Island Pavers understands the critical role of landscape walkways play in creating beautiful landscapes. Landscape walkway designs must be considered in three dimensions. Getting the effect you want means using the right kinds of paving underfoot combined with plants and other elements on each side to subtly guide strollers through the landscape to the living spaces further in.

Paving materials

Island Pavers carries a wide range of paving materials guaranteed to enhance your yard, garden spaces, or commercial property. Brick or stone paving, colorful stone aggregate gravels and steps can be combined in many ways to tie elements together. Durable and versatile, concrete walkway designs take on a totally new look when you add colors and textures. You can even follow the yellow brick road down to your very own garden wonderland.

Walls, terraces and plants

Once you’ve chosen the paving style and materials it’s time to consider the rest of your landscape walkways design elements. Talk to your Island Pavers design professionals about terraces, walls, and plants that augment the walkway to guide people through the environment. They will be happy to show you a range of materials and design ideas that fit your vision and your budget. Call Island Pavers today to explore  options for  walkway designs custom installed for your home or commercial property.